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  Systèmes volcaniques/Volcanic systems

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1 / Properties of magmas and their influence on eruptive processes
• Magmas as complex dynamic multicomponent chemical systems
• Viscosity of magmas: effects of the magma composition, and crystals and bubbles
• Syn-eruptive evolution of magma viscosity and its impact on eruptive dynamics

2 / Eruptive processes
• Behavior of volcanoes (magma genesis - storage - eruption)
• Eruptive styles (magmatology and eruptive dynamics)
• Behavior of magmas during their ascent: degassing, compositional and rheological evolution, with effects on the eruptive dynamic
• Evolution of volcanic edifices over time: construction and destruction
• Miscellaneous effects of large-scale eruptions (climate, history, art...)

3 / Hazards and volcanic hazards, management of volcanic crises
• Hazards and risks: assessment and management from case studies on recent eruptions.
  Notions of hazards, issues, vulnerability
• Concepts of the deterministic approach and the probabilistic approach to risk assessment.
• Notions of epistemic and random uncertainty, eruptive scenarios
• New tools to support scientific crisis management (e.g. alert levels, decision trees, Bayesian networks)
Tutorials: Comments on scientific articles related to the course, with oral presentations and discussion


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Following this course, students will be able to:
• distinguish the different volcanic eruption styles;
• describe the physico-chemical processes occurring during volcanic eruptions, from the reservoir to the vent and beyond;
• recognize and interpret volcanic deposits, an essential skill for a future career as a geologist;
• assess hazards and risks for the different eruptive styles, and propose management protocols, based on case studies of recent major eruptions representative of major eruptive styles.


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