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  Long-term deformation of a slowly deforming intracontinental mountain-range

Long-term deformation of a slowly deforming intracontinental mountain-range: the case of the Western Kunlun and southern Tarim (Xinjiang, China): 

This post-doctoral position is funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (Project SLOWDEF - PI: Martine Simoes). The overall objectives of the project are to assess active deformation and seismic hazards in slowly deforming orogens, by quantifying deformation over various time-scales, from long-term geological deformation down in time to short-term processes at the scale of the seismic cycle. The Western Kunlun mountain range (China) is considered as a first case example.


The post-doctoral fellow will take an active role in the quantification of deformation across this mountain range and its foreland basin (the Tarim Basin) over the long-term, i.e. over several Myr to 10s Myr. The objectives of this work will be to assess active structures, their contribution to cumulative shortening, the overall shortening rate to be accommodated across the mountain range and the eventual evolution over time of these parameters. To complete this task, the post-doctoral fellow will take advantage of the extensive and unique compilation of geological observations, maps and seismic profiles that our group has recently compiled at the regional scale. Based on these data, he/she will build balanced cross-sections and will make an efficient use of the exceptional sedimentary archives to define the timing of faults from growth strata, their cumulative shortening and will from there incrementally restore the evolution of deformation. The acquired knowledge on the long-term kinematics of deformation will also be used to quantify a first-order thermal structure of the mountain range and its foreland basin.