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Tectonique et mécanique de la lithosphère

  Unraveling underplating processes along convergent margins

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Taras Gerya

The post-doc of Armel Menant aims at better understanding deformation and accretionary processes along convergent plate margins following a multi-disciplinary approach. The first part of this project is dedicated to the study of the long-term geological record of accretionary processes combining field and microstructural observations on rock samples from former accretionary systems (Alps, Chile). These results will highlight accretionary processes documented along active convergent margins and be compared with the various deformation patterns seismologically observed. The second part of this project is devoted to the use of a numerical code (in collaboration with Prof. Gerya at the ETH Zürich) in order (i) to reproduce structures and processes documented in nature along convergent margins (ii) to better understand the mechanics of these tectonic processes.