Active Deformation, Faults and Earthquakes

from Measurements to Models


Over the past years, considerable advances have been made in observing crustal deformation
at scales of seconds to thousands of years.
However, a unified view of the earthquake cycle is still missing.

The thematic school aims at bringing together students and scientists
working on different aspects of active faulting and earthquake processes.

This school will provide a state-of-the-art view of the technics used to study active deformation
as well as a perspective on the current models integrating the growing corpus of
available data.

preliminary class schedule

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GPS, InSAR, Optic Correlation
Earthquake seismology, Fracture Mechanics
Geomorphology, Dating Technics
Fault Geometry, Paleoseismology
Rheology and friction, Earthquake cycle modeling

preliminary class schedule

NEW => Syllabus


The school is primary intended for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows,
but master students (M2) and researchers are also welcomed.

Main speakers

J. Freymueller (Univ. Fairbanks, USA)
J.-M. Nocquet (Geoazur, France)
C. Lasserre (ISTerre, France)
M. Pierrot-Deseilligny (IGN, France)
M. Vallée (IPGP, France)
H. Bhat (IPGP, France)
F. Renard (ISTerre, France)
Y. Klinger (IPGP, France)
J. Van der Woerd (EOST, France)
S. Dominguez (U. Montpellier, France)
S. Barbot (EOS, Singapore)
L. Fleitout (ENS, France)
B. Shaw (Lamont Obs., Columbia Univ., USA)
S. Baize (IRSN, France)


The school will take place 7-13 of February 2015.


The school will be held at Séolane (
located in Barcelonnette, southern French Alps.

The location is about 3h from Aix-Marseille and Grenoble.
Transportation will be organized from Aix-Marseille


The school is now over.
Thanks for your interest and your participation.

After-school stuff

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Y. Klinger (IPGP)
J.-M. Nocquet (Geoazur)

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