The Deformation & Tectonics Talk Series

Let the science fly while we are all grounded

From March 2020, Covid-19 has made our life difficult and almost stopped all travelling, even short distance. For us scientist an immediate consequence has been to nail us down, ending all seminars, talks, and meeting. The DeTect Talk Series aims at giving the opportunity to colleagues, mostly early career but not only, to show the amazing research still conducted in various labs of the world despite adverse conditions.

Thus, the DeTect Talk Series is the weekly gathering of the international scientific community interested in various aspects of crustal deformation, to keep the scientific discussion alive.

For now, the series is on hold but you can still enjoy some of the 41 video records. Some videos might be unavailable due to zoom storage limitation. Sorry about that.

Schedule of the Spring 2021 talks
Every Thursday at 4pm GMT
March 4th 2021, 4pm GMT/UTC

Bruno Pace (Univ. Chieti - Pescara, Italy)
Fault-based earthquake rupture forecasts: a challenge to model complexities in seismic hazard
Video of the talk online here.
March 11th 2021, 4pm GMT/UTC

Yihe Huang (Univ. of Michigan, USA)
How tiny fault zone structure affects big earthquakes
Video of the talk online here.
March 18th 2021, 4pm GMT/UTC
Be careful, summer time daylight saving switch started, check your local time!

Ásta Rut Hjartardottir (Univ. of Iceland, Iceland)
What can surface faults in Iceland tell us about dyke intrusions and tectonic deformation
Video of the talk online here.
March 25th 2021, 4pm GMT/UTC

Whitney Behr (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
What's down there? The structures, materials and environment of deep-seated slow slip and tremor
Video of the talk online here.
April 1st 2021, 4pm GMT/UTC

Ulas Avsar (METU, Turkey)
Subaqueous Paleoseismology: Records of past earthquakes in lake and marine sediments
Video of the talk online here.
April 8th 2021, 4pm GMT/UTC

Michael Rudolf (GFZ, Germany)
Analogue earthquakes and seismic cycles: Experimental modelling across timescales
Video of the talk online here.
April 15th 2021, 4pm GMT/UTC

Tamarah King (Oxford Univ., UK)
Surface effects, seismic hazard, paleoseismology & tectonophysics of Australian and low-strain region faults
Video of the talk online here.
April 29th 2021, 4pm GMT/UTC

Chris Milliner (JPL, USA)
Quantifying the Stress, Strain, and Hazard of Coseismic Surface Ruptures Using Geodetic Imaging Data
Video of the talk online here.
May 6th 2021, 4pm GMT/UTC

Nicolas Brantut (UCL , UK)
Dynamics of faulting in the crust: A view from the laboratory
Video of the talk online here.
DeTect Talk Series is finished for now!
Thanks to all the speakers and the audience