Extrusion Tectonics in Asia

The Ailao Shan - Red River Fault Zone & Tertiary tectonics of Sundaland

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and in Leloup et al., 1995, Tectonophysics, 251, 3-84; Leloup et al., 2001, J. Geophys. Res.,106, B4, 6657-6671 ... and in other papers ...

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 A list of Published Papers on the Ailao Shan - Red River Fault.




Landsat mosaic of the Red River Fault Zone in Yunnan (China)

Landsat image of the Red River Fault zone in Vietnam

Wang Chao Fault (Thailand), deformation of Sundaland,
Diachronism of movements E and SE of Tibet:

Lacassin et al., 1997, Tertiary diachronic extrusion and deformation of western Indochina: Structural and 40Ar/39Ar evidence from NW Thailand.
Complementary data to paper Published in J.G.R., May 1997.

The extrusion model

Tapponnier, P., G. Peltzer, R. Armijo, A.-Y. Le Dain, and P. Cobbold, Propagating extrusion tectonics in Asia : new insights from simple experiments with plasticine, Geology, 10, 611-616, 1982.

Tapponnier, P., G. Peltzer, and R. Armijo, On the mechanics of the collision between India and Asia, in Collision Tectonics, edited by Coward, M. P., and A. C. Ries, Geological Society Special Publication, 19, pp. 115-157, Geological Society, London, 1986.

Peltzer, G., and P. Tapponnier, Formation and evolution of strike-slip faults, rifts, and basins during India-Asia collision : an experimental approach, J. Geophys. Res., 93, 15,085-15,117, 1988.

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