Tertiary extrusion tectonics of NW Thailand

Other examples

These photographs complement the published paper in J. Geophys. Res. Please refer to this paper for description of outcrops and of tectonic structures. (Figures cited below are those of the published paper).

Please do not use these data without refering and citing this paper.

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Complementary views of the Lansang mylonitic gneisses.

The strong deformation of these gneisses is due to Tertiary left-lateral ductile shear along the Wang Chao shear zone.


 Banded green/blue mylonitic metasediments in Lansang gneisses (site h4, Figure 6).

 Mylonitic metasediments with sinistral shear criteria (site h4, Figure 6).

 Mylonitic metasediments with sinistral shear criteria (site h4, Figure 6).

 Gneisses with sinistral shear planes (Lansang gneisses).

 Foliation in Lansang gneisses along Tak - Mae Sot road.

 Lineation on Foliation plane along Tak - Mae Sot road.

 The Lansang waterfall (falls 1, Figure 6).

Tectonic structures at Bhumibol dam and west of Ban Tak (Figure 2).

See descriptions of these outcrops and sections in JGR paper.




 Bhumibol dam.

 Bhumibol dam.

 Bhumibol dam.




 West of Ban Tak. Garnet bearing green metasediments.

 West of Ban Tak. Brittle-ductile shear zones in granite.

 West of Ban Tak. Migmatitic gneisses with veins.

Eastward prolongation of Wang Chao shear zone, Three Pagodas Fault.



 Mylonitic gneisses E of Chonburi
(Figure 1).

 Steep foliation and rod lineation in metasediments alond Three Pagodas Fault.

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