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Articles in The Conversation FR (open CC-BY-ND): 

- Crises Sismiques induites par l’homme, Oklahoma (1), Europe (2), France (3)

- Séismes Japon et Equateur, que s’est il passé ? (4)

Short cartoon movies :

- Andean Orogenic Evolution & Climate (from Armijo et al. 2015):  on VIMEO and in different versions

  1. -West Andean fold & thrust belt (from Riesner et al., 2017): on VIMEO

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Recent Key points / Articles

Lacassin R., Devès M., Hicks S.P., et al. Rapid collaborative knowledge building via Twitter after significant geohazard events, 2020, Geoscience Communication, 3, 129-146,

Menant A., Angiboust S., Gerya T., Lacassin R., Simoes M., Grandin R., Transient stripping of subducting slabs controls periodic forearc uplift, 2020, Nature Communications, 11, 1823,

Fernández-Blanco D., De Gelder G.I.N.O, Lacassin R., Armijo R., Geometry of flexural uplift by continental rifting in Corinth, Greece, 2020, Tectonics, Preprint on EarthArXiv:

Fernández-Blanco D., De Gelder G.I.N.O, Lacassin R., Armijo R., A new Crustal Fault formed the modern Corinth Rift, 2019, Earth Science Reviews. . Preprint on EarthArXiv:

Riesner M., Simoes M., Carrizo D., Lacassin R., Early exhumation of the Frontal Cordillera (S Central Andes) and implications for Andean mountain-building at 33.5°S, 2019, Scientific Reports, OA: .

De Gelder G.I.N.O., Fernández-Blanco D., Melnick D., Duclaux G., Bell R., Jara-Muñoz J., Armijo R., Lacassin R., Lithospheric flexure and rheology determined by climate cycles markers in the Corinth Rift, Scientific Reports, 2019. OA: doi:10.1038/s41598-018-36377-1

NEW page of AEGEAN TECTONICS / the Corinth Rift - ALErT ITN project

(funded by ANR project «MEGACHILE» and LABEX UnivEarthS)

The Crisis of a Paradigm, interpretation of Tohoku & Fukushima catastrophe. Lacassin & Lavelle 2015. PDF

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Earthquake pages

Nepal - Mw 7.8 - April 2015
IPGP page - Press release (in french) about InSAR with Sentinel-1 (also as CNRS web page)

North CHILE - Mw 8.2 and 7.6 - April 2014
CNRS/INSU web page


North Thailand - Mw 6.2 April 2014

Van east Turkey - October 2011

JAPAN east of Honshu Mw9 - March 2011

CHILE  Concepción Mw8.8 - Feb. 2010

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