Oceanographic and Geophysical Tomography

Editors: Yves Desaubies, Albert Tarantola & Jean Zinn-Justin

North-Holland, 1990

Authors: Bruce Cornuelle, Yves Desaubies, Greg Duckworth, George Frisk, Finn Jensen, Dan Kosloff, Theodore Madden, Peter Mora, Paul Richards, Barbara Romanowicz, Robert Stewart, Albert Tarantola, John Woodhouse, and Carl Wunsch.

This book contains the collection of courses given at the session L of the Les Houches School of Theoretical Physics. I have asked North-Holland (three times) the original TeX files, or the permission to post the scans on the web. I now assume that their absence of response means indifference, and, therefore, acceptation. Note that the scans (at 300 dpi) are sometimes better after print than on a screen. If after reading some of the courses, you want to purchase the book, it is still being sold (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Elsevier).

Cover Pages; List of Lecturers; List of Participants; Preface (French); Preface (English); Table of Contents.
Introduction to Probability Densities and Volumetric Probabilities; the Notions of Capacity Element and of Volume Element; Information Content; the State of Null Information; the State of Perfect Knowledge; Combination of Informations; the Data Space, the Model Space, and the Joint Data x Model Space; Information Brought by Physical Theories; the Inverse Problem as a Problem of Combination of Information; Example 1: Theoretical Uncertainties Neglected; Example 2: All Uncertainties are Gaussian; Robust Inversion; Bibiographycal Comments; References.
A Review of Underlying Concepts; Some Important Solutions of the Wave Equation; Attenuation from Intrinsic Frictin or Scattering; Seismic Waves in Media with Plane Parallel Layering; Matrix Methods; Analytic Study of Seismic Waves in 3D Structures; References.
Introduction; Spherical Earth (Notations; Correspondence with Propagating Waves); Aspherical Earth (Introduction; Zeroth Order Asymptotic Theory; Isolated Multiplet; Coupling terms Included; Higher Order Asymptotics); Appendix; References.
Introduction; Sound Propagation in the Ocean; Some Elements of Ocean Dynamics; the First Ocean Acoustic Tomography Experiments; Error Analysis; Conclusions; References.
Introduction; Conventional Models; a Model Example; Unorthodox Observations; Simple Computations; Recursive Least-Squares; the Control Formalism; Controllability and Observability; Final Comments; Appendix; References.
One-dimensional Acoustic Wave Propagation; Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Acoustic Forward Modeling by the Fourier Method; Two and Three-Dimensional Elastic Forward Modeling by the Fourier Method; Improvement on the Time Integration; Forward Modeling from an Operator View; References.
Introduction; the Ocean Waveguide; Classifications of Wave-Theory Models; Time-Harmonic Solutions of Separable Problems; Time-Harmonic Solutions of Non-Separable Problems; Pulse Solutions by Fourier Series; Numerical Results; Summary and Conclusions; References.
Theory of Nonlinear Inversion; Unification with Partial Inversion Theories; Computational Physics of the Forward Problem; References.
Introduction: Magnetotellurics, the Need for Interpretation Methods; Magnetotelluric Equations: Maxwell's Equations in Conducting Media; the Maximum-Likelihood Inverse; Sensitivity Operators; the Bilinear-Identity: Adjoint Operators and Reciprocity; Relaxing the Inverse Problem; Reference.
Introduction; Specific Feature Methods; Iteration of Forward Models Methods; Perturbative Inversion Methods; Exact Inverse Methods; Conclusions; References.
Introduction; Resolution in a Vertical Slice (Introduction; Loop Harmonics; Inverses); Moving Ship Tomography (Introduction; the Projection-Slice Theorem; Examples); Time Dependence (Introduction; General Problem; the Kalman Filter; Examples); References.