Here are some of the slides of my recent presentations

Stress and strain in symmetric and asymmetric elasticity
(100 years after the Cosserats, Paris, July 2009)

Popperian-Bayesian approach to data interpretation:
philosophy and mathematics.

(University of Utrecht, July 2009)

Are there (physically implementable) space-time coordinates that
-besides having the relativistic quality-
are immediate?
Implications for satellite constellations.

(Princeton University, April 2009)

Probabilistic Mapping of Probability Measures
(Finland, December 2008)

A tutorial on Inverse Problems
(University of Barcelona, September 2008)

Muon tomography
(University of Tokyo, June 2008)

Elements for Physics
(Université d'Orsay, 2006)

Mapping of Probabilities
(IPG, November 2006)

Gravimetry, Relativity and the Global Navigation Satellite Systems
(Salamanca, January 2005)

A tutorial on Inverse Problems (Cambridge, March 2005)
(Cambridge, March 2005)

"Inverse Problems in 10 slides"

Thank you for your interest.

Albert Tarantola