Andean Orogeny


Coupled tectonic evolution of Andean orogeny and global climate

Armijo, Lacassin, Coudurier-Curveur, Carrizo, Earth Science Reviews, 143, 1-35, 2015.

Andean growth and monsoon winds drive landscape evolution at SW margin of South America

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The West Andean Thrust (WAT), the San Ramón Fault and the seismic hazard for Santiago (Chile)

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Probing large intraplate earthquakes at the west flank of the Andes

Vargas, Klinger, Rockwell, Forman, Rebolledo, Baize, Lacassin, Armijo, Geology, 2014

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PDF of Keynote talk (Andean orogeny and Climate) given at Topoeurope meeting in Antibes (Oct. 2015) – MOVIE of Andean Orogenic Evolution & Climate

Kinematics of the active West Andean fold-and-thrust belt (Central Chile): structure and long-term shortening rate

Riesner, Lacassin, Simoes, Armijo, Vargas, Rauld, Tectonics, 2017.

EarthArXiv preprint of the accepted paper

A Short Movie  (see snapshot on the right)

Revisiting the structure and kinematics of the Central Andes at 33.5°S: implications for the mechanics of Andean mountain building.

Riesner, Lacassin, Simoes, Carrizo, Armijo, Tectonics, 2018.

NEW:  Early exhumation of the Frontal Cordillera (Southern Central Andes) and implications for Andean mountain-building at ~33.5°S.

Riesner, Simoes, Carrizo, Lacassin, Scientific Reports, 2019.