Detection and understanding of landslides by observing and modelling
gravitational flows and generated earthquakes

Seismology Group, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris


The goal of this European project (2014-2019) is to take a major step in improving the detection and understanding of landslides and their modelling at the field scale through the analysis of generated seismic waves. The seismic signal generated by landslides (i. e. landquakes) provides a unique tool to estimates the properties of the flow and its dynamics and mechanical behavior. Indeed, the stress applied by the landslide to the ground, which generates seismic waves, is highly sensitive to the flow history and therefore to the physical properties during mass emplacement. The strategy will be to combine a very accurate description of the landslide source, and the simulation and measurements of landquakes from the laboratory to the natural scale, by leading an ambitious interdisciplinary project involving numerical modelling, laboratory experiments and observation.

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