Training and Education

2006 French HDR post-doctoral degree (Geophysics) for accreditation to supervise research, University Paris Diderot
1992-1996 Ph.D. (Glaciology) from LGGE, University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
1990-1992 Master 1 (Physics) and Master 2 (Oceanology, Meteorology, Environment) degrees, University Paris 6 (UPMC)


Dec. 2022 Invited stay at Kalvi Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara, USA, Multiphase Flows
2021-2026 Member of Institut Universitaire de France IUF
2020-present 'Outstanding class - highest level' full professor, University of Paris, Seismology group, IPGP
2016-2020 'Outstanding class - level 1' full professor, University Paris Diderot, Seismology group, IPGP
2012-present Creation and Head of the Master speciality 'Telluric Natural Hazards'
2012-2017 Partial transferal (15%) ANGE group, INRIA-J.L. Lions-CEREMA
August 2012 Visiting professor at CalTech Seismological Laboratory, Pasadena, USA
2012-2016 'First class' full professor, University Paris Diderot, Seismology group, IPGP
2011-2015 Head of the Seismology group, IPGP (15 researchers, 5 technicians/engineers, 30 post-doc and PhD researchers)
2010-2012 Full professor, University Paris Diderot, Seismology group, IPGP
2006-2007 Sabbatical year at Institute for NonLinear Sciences, University of California San Diego, USA (CNRS transferal)
1998-2010 Associate Professor, University Paris Diderot, IPGP
1997-1998 Post-doctoral Research Fellow at CEA and Volcanic Observatories, IPGP

Funding ID

Project leader at IPGP for national and European projects:
2020 ERC Synergy project retained for the third step of evaluation.
2014-2020 ERC Consolidator Grant (2 Me), SLIDEQUAKES (European Research Council), Detection and understanding of landslides by observing and modelling gravitational flows and generated earthquakes.
2013-2016 Sorbonne Paris Cite, PEGES (French lab. IPGP, Univ. Paris 13, 80 ke), Plasticity of geophysical flows and seismic emissions.
2012-2015 Mathematics and Interfaces, ANR LANDQUAKE (French lab. LAMA, IPGP, LPGN, EOST, 180 ke), Mathematical and numerical modelling of landslides and generated seismic waves.
2012 INSU 2012 Natural Hazards (6 ke), Field measurements on pyroclastic flow deposits in Montserrat, Lesser Antilles.
2008-2011 In charge of the landslide part of ANR UNDERVOLC (French lab. IPGP, LGIT, BRGM, OPGC, 738 ke), Understanding volcanic processes: towards eruption prediction and risk mitigation, an application to Piton de la Fournaise volcano, Reunion Island.
2007- 2011 ANR young researcher VOLBIFLO (French lab. LMV, IPGP, 135 ke), The dynamics of volcanic biphasic flows.
2006-2008 PNTS (French lab. LMV, IPGP, EDF, 30 ke), Laser scanner measurements of pyroclastic flow deposits on Lascar volcano, Chile.
2006-2010 Mathematics and Interfaces, ANR PLANETEROS (French lab. DMA-ENS, IPGP, LAMA, IDES-Orsay, 250 ke), Numerical modelling of gravitational flows on Earth and on Mars.
2002-2006 ACI New interfaces of Mathematics 2003-2005 (French lab. IPGP, DMA-ENS, INRIA, 45 ke), ACI Hazards and Global Changes 2004-2006 (French lab. LMV, IPGP, 10 ke), ATIP 2002-2004 (French lab. IPGP, DMA-ENS, INRIA, 20 ke).
Member of national and international projects:
2022-2025 Doctoral Network EnvSeis, Studying the Earth's surface with seismic methods, 23 European laboratories and stakeholders (2.7 Me) (PI Jens Turowski, GFZ, Germany).
2022-2025 European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU), Center of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth - Second Phase ChEESE-2P, 16 European laboratories (3.8 Me) (PI Arnau Folch, CSIC Barcelona).
2022-2025 Horizon Europe Research Infrastructures DT-GEO, 19 European laboratories (11 Me), A Digital Twin for GEOphysical extremes.
2019-2022 ANR MONIDAS (PI Olivier Coutant, ISTerre)
2017-2020 ANR RAVEX (PI Olivier Roche, LMV)
2016 INSU TelluS Ecoulements granulaires sur fortes pentes (PI Alexandre Valance, IPR, physics)
2016 INSU-INSMI-MI Complex Rheology SURface Flows (PI Cindy Guichard, LJJ, applied math)
2015-2018 Portugal project MegaHazards
2015-2018 ANR MIMOSA (PI Eléonore Stutzmann, IPGP)
2014-2017 ANR CARIB (PI Anne Le Friand, IPGP)
2010-2011 Interdisciplinary funding, Paris Diderot University
2005-2007 ACI young researcher
2000-2006 ACI Natural Hazard and Climatic Change (2004-2006), ACI Natural Hazard (2000-2003)
PhD and Post-doc funding:
2011- INERIS (PhD 2011-2015 Jannes Kinschler), DGA (PhD 2013-2016 Amandine Sergeant)

Synergetic activities

2021-present President of the CNRS National Committee section 18 (Earth and telluric planets: structure, history, models), S18
2021-present Member of Conference of Presidents of the CNRS National Committee, CPCN
2021-present Permanent guest of Scientific Committee of the National Institute of Universe Sciences, CSI INSU
2021-present Member of CNRS Solid Earth Committee, CSTS
2021-present Member of Scientific committee of ISTerre, UGA/CNRS/USBM/IRD/Univ. Gustave Eiffel
2016-present Member of the French Minister group on prevention of major natural hazards, COPRNM
2021-present Member of the steering committee of Assises Nationales des Risques Naturels 2022
2020-2021 Member of the National Committee of Universities CNU section 37 (Enveloppes of the Earth and other Planets)
2017- 2020 Member of the IPGP Volcanologic and Seismologic Observatories scientific board
2017-2020 Member of the French Landslide Observatory scientific board, OMIV
2013-present Member of Scientific committee of IPGP
2011-2014 Member of Scientific committee, Observatory of Côte d’Azur
2005-2012 Member of Scientific committee, BRGM
2009-2015 Committee member, INSU Natural Hazards
2011-present Member of Management committee of the IPGP center of parallel computing and data processing, S-CAPAD
2008-2012 Member of IPGP Doctoral School committee
2007-2008 Member of Administration board of University Paris-Diderot
2006-present Member of Specialist Committees of Universities of Montpellier, Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, Claude Bernard, Lyon I, and Paris Diderot
2000-2011 Member of Administration board of IPGP
2008-2010 Member of Management committee of Dept. of Earth Sciences, Paris Diderot
2008-2010 Member of Pedagogical committee of Dept. of Earth Sciences, Paris Diderot
2004-2007 Member of Management board of IPGP

Scientific cooperation and coordination

2011-present Participation in the creation of the EGRIN research group (gravitational flows and natural hazards) and member of its Administration board
2012 Co-leader of the research agreement between IPGP and the Research Federation in Mathematics of Paris Center
2011 Organisation of a 1-day meeting of MeGe research group on Mechanics/Geophysics
2011 Organisation of the prospective meeting of INSU committee on Hazard, Risks and Telluric Disasters
2013 Co-convenor of the EGU session on “Morphodynamics of particulate geophysical flows: Erosion, transport, segregation and deposits”
2002-present Participation in research groups including Milieux Divisés (1998-2006), TransNat (2008-), Phenix (2008-) and HYKE Research Training Network in Applied Mathematics (2002-2005)


- 19 PhD students (100% for 1 PhD student, 50% for 16 PhD students and 20% for 2 PhD students). 15 students have already defended their PhDs.
- 11 post-docs
- 1 Technological Research Diploma
- 15 Master's students and 4 Bachelor's degree students

Teaching and pedagogical involvement

1998- Full time teaching at the Earth and Planetary Science department of University Paris Diderot (undergraduate and graduate levels)
2011-present Creation and Management of the Natural Hazards Master's program, University of Paris
2005-2010 Management of undergraduate teaching teams
2010-2012 Leader of two educational projects of the PRES Sorbone Paris Cité: "Training for the management of health and social crises and natural hazards" and "Frontiers between geosciences and applied languages"

Research contribution and impact

Publication list
- h-index=40 and 4600+ citations according to Scopus, h-index=52, i10-index=131, and 9100+ citations according to Google Scholar,
- 114 publications in peer-reviewed journals of geophysics, mechanics, mathematics and physics including 2 highlight paper, 1 review, 1 Nature Com., 1 Sci. Report .
- 39 other publications
- 276 communications in national and international workshops including 32 invited talks (AGU, EGU, etc.)
- 46 invited lectures in international workshops, 11 invited courses at international schools
- 58 invited seminars in Universities in France, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, USA, Canada, China etc.
- Software (SHALTOP) development with F. Bouchut for the simulation of gravity flows on realistic topographies distributed to the scientific community and to design offices (CNRS license application)

Popularization actions

- 13 popularization papers including Encyclopedia Solid Earth Geophys.
- 15 lessons in schools and high-schools, TV show on French iTélé channel
- Press release newspaper/web, interviews,
- help to a book for kids (24 Heures dans le monde, S. Mirza, 2017)
- Support to Ministry and prefects for risk assessment

Expert evaluation and reviews

- Review of more than 40 papers for international journals
- Expert evaluation for 3 French ANR projects, 3 French ACI projects, 3 regional projects (Rhône-Alpes, ETH Zürich), 30 national INSU projects, 1 Portuguese project in Earth and Space Science
- Reviewer of 9 PhDs and 2 HDR post-doc degrees in geophysics, mathematics and physics

Societal implication

I dedicated myself to the transfer of academic tools and knowledge towards risk assessment: participation to the ministerial group COPRNM and to the Volcanology and Seismology Observatory in Mayotte where I build hazard maps related to landslide generated tsunamis; regular meetings with the prefect, the inter-ministry representative of major risks in overseas departments and local population.

Academic Awards 

French award for Scientific Excellence (rank AAAA) (2010-2021), ERC Consolidator grant SLIDEQUAKES (2014-2019, success rate 2013 ~8.5%), Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (2021-2026)