Together with myself and our colleagues of the ESA 4DEarth project, Chris Finlay has published a very informative and in-depth Nature Reviews paper of the recent community progress in identifying and explaining the features of the general circulation within Earth’s liquid core. There, we discuss the secular ‘eccentric gyre’ and ‘high-latitude’ jet flows, as well as the intriguing rapid (interannual) waves that have been recently discovered and characterised by joining our forces in geomagnetic observation, theory and numerical modelling. 

Finlay, C.C., Gillet, N., Aubert, J., Livermore, P. and Jault, D.: Gyres, jets and waves in the Earth’s core, Nature Rev. Earth. Environ. 4, 377–392, 2023, doi: 10.1038/s43017-023-00425-w