Merapi from Merbabu

Merapi Volcano, Java

Scientific References

View of the volcano from the North (Mt. Merbabu, 3142 m)
© F. Beauducel 1993.


The aim of this page is to offer a large and complete pannel of the scientific studies carried on at Merapi volcano. First of all, it presents a list of articles and other related papers, compiled from my Doctorate Thesis and completed with many references thanks to Eric Baer's homepage, GeoRef Database, Jon Fink, Andreas Müller, Birger-G. Lühr, Emily Constantine, Martin Müller, Karim Kelfoun, Lothar Schwarzkopf, Simon Carn, Ralf Gertisser, Frank Lavigne.

Second, the most relevant links that I recovered, a mirror of the VSI Merapi pages: Overview and Monitoring. I report also some of my photos from the 1996 IPGP mission, and an interesting discussion about the 1994 eruption (from VOLCANO LISTSERV). For official news on current activity of the volcano, I strongly recommend the MVO or GVN sites.

If you have any other references, thanks to email me!

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Overview & Recent Activity (after VSI)

Monitoring (after VSI)

Forum '94 Eruption (after VOLCANO LISTSERV)

Some Photos (modified after IPGP)

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