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Research Departments

Gravimetry and Space Geodesy


Publications of the Gravimetry and space geodesy team for the period 2012- 2017 according to  ISI WoS

Publications in journals with IF >1

Carbone, D., Poland, M., Diament, M. & Greco, P. (2017). The added value of time-variable microgravimetry to the understanding of how volcanoes work. Earth-Sci Rev 169, 146-179,

Caron, L., Métivier, L., Greff-Lefftz, M., Fleitout, L., & Rouby, H. (2017). Inverting Glacial Isostatic Adjustment signal using Bayesian framework and two linearly relaxing rheologies. Geophys. J. Int., 209(2), 1126-1147.

Willis P. (2017), Editorial, Adv. Space Res, 59(1), 1-1,

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Métivier L., Caron L., Greff-Lefftz M., Pajot-Métivier G., Fleitout L. and Rouby H. (2016), Evidence for postglacial signatures in gravity gradients: A clue in lower mantle viscosity, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 452, 146-156,

Moreaux G, F.G. Lemoine, D.F. Argus, A. Santamaria-Gomez, P. Willis, L. Soudarin, M. Gravelle, P. Ferrage (2016), Horizontal and vertical velocities derived from the IDS contribution to ITRF2014, and comparisons with geophysical models, Geophys. J. Int, 207(1), 209-227,

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Douch, K., I. Panet, G. Pajot-Métivier, B. Christophe, B. Foulon, M.-F. Lequentrec-Lalancette, and M. Diament (2015) Error analysis of a new planar electrostatic gravity gradiometer for airborne surveys. J. Geodesy 89, 1217-1231,

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Other publications

Boucher C., Willis P. (2016), IAG history, the years of World Wars and aftermath (1917-1959), IAG Symposia Series, 143, 19-24,

Mikhailov, V., Diament, M., Lyubushin, A., Timoshkina, E. & Khairetdinov, S. (2016) Large-scale aseismic creep in the areas of the strong earthquakes revealed from the GRACE data on the time variations of the Earth’s gravity field. Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth 52, 692-703,

Mikhailov, V., Timoshkina, E. P. & Diament, M. (2016) A Postseismic Process in the Area of the Simushir 11/2006 Earthquake Recovered by the GRACE Data. Doklady Earth Sciences 471, 1188-1192.

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NASA/ESA Interagency Gravity Science Working Group (P. Visser, S. Bettadpur, D. Chambers, M. Diament, T. Gruber, E. Hanna, M. Rodell, D. Wiese): Towards a sustained observing system for mass transport to understand global change and to benefit society, 12 May 2016.