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Henri Samuel

Henri Samuel
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CNRS Research Scientist / Chargé de Recherche au CNRS
Planétologie et sciences spatiales
Bât. Lamarck A - 35 rue Hélène Brion 75205 PARIS CEDEX 13

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I study the dynamic evolution of terrestrial planets. To do so, I rely on simple analytical approaches or on high performance computational fluid dynamics experiments to model the exchanges of heat and of chemical species between the different envelopes that may constitute planetary bodies: metallic core, silicate enveloppes, and atmosphere. My investigations consist in characterising the dynamics of different systems of interest e.g., long-term solid state or short-term liquid state convection in planetary interiors (Fig. 1 & 3), fragmentation of iron drops or diapirs (Fig. 2) or volatile outgassing  (Fig. 3) in planetary magma oceans. 
These physical systems involve a variety of scales ranging from millimetres to thousands of km for space and from seconds to billions of years for time. Such characterizations serve as constraints to better interpret the data collected by space missions (seismic, gravimetric, topographic, magnetic or geodetic…), and to better reconstruct the thermal and chemical histories of planets.




L’étude des volcans actuels révèle la présence en leur sein de matériel datant de l'Hadéen, période géologique située entre 4,6 et 4 milliards d'année...


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