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Perez, A., S. Rossano, N. Trcera, D. Huguenot, C. Fourdrin, A. Verney-Carron, E.D. van Hullebusch, and F. Guyot. "Bioalteration of synthetic Fe(III)-, Fe(II)-bearing basaltic glasses and Fe-free glass in the presence of the heterotrophic bacteria strain Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Impact of siderophores." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 188 (2016): 147-162.
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Bhatia, D., I. Bourven, S. Simon, F. Bordas, E.D. van Hullebusch, S. Rossano, P.N.L. Lens, and G. Guibaud. "Fluorescence detection to determine proteins and humic-like substances fingerprints of exopolymeric substances (EPS) from biological sludges performed by size exclusion chromatography (SEC)." Bioresource Technology 131 (2013): 159-165.
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van Hullebusch, E., S. Rossano, F. Farges, M. Lenz, J. Labanowski, P. Lagarde, A-M Flank, and P. Lens. "Sulfur K-edge XANES spectroscopy as a tool for understanding sulfur chemical state in anaerobic granular sludge." In Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 190., 2009.
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