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Perouse, Eugenie, Lucilla Bénédétti, Jules Fleury, Magali Rizza, Irene Puliti, Jeremy Billant, Jerome Van der Woerd, Nathalie Feuillet, Eric Jacques, and Bruno Pace. "Coseismic Slip Vectors of 24 August and 30 October 2016 Earthquakes in Central Italy: Oblique Slip and Regional Kinematic Implications." Tectonics 37 (2018): 3760-3781.
Gao, Mingxing, Xiwei Xu, Yann Klinger, Jerome Van der Woerd, and Paul Tapponnier. "High-resolution mapping based on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to capture paleoseismic offsets along the Altyn-Tagh fault, China." Scientific Reports 7 (2017).
Guilbaud, Christelle, Martine Simoes, Laurie Barrier, Amandine Laborde, Jerome Van der Woerd, Haibing Li, Paul Tapponnier, Thomas Coudroy, and Andrew Murray. "Kinematics of Active Deformation Across the Western Kunlun Mountain Range (Xinjiang, China) and Potential Seismic Hazards Within the Southern Tarim Basin." Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth 122 (2017): 10398-10426.
Li, Haibing, Jerome Van der Woerd, Zhiming Sun, Jialiang Si, Paul Tapponnier, Jiawei Pan, Dongliang Liu, and Marie-Luce Chevalier. "Co-seismic and cumulative offsets of the recent earthquakes along the Karakax left-lateral strike-slip fault in western Tibet." Gondwana Research 21, no. 1 (2012).
Chevalier, Marie-Luce, Paul Tapponnier, Jerome Van der Woerd, Frederick J. Ryerson, Robert C. Finkel, and Haibing Li. "Spatially constant slip rate along the southern segment of the Karakorum fault since 200 ka." Tectonophysics 530 (2012): 152-179.
Chevalier, Marie-Luce, George Hilley, Paul Tapponnier, Jerome Van der Woerd, Liu-Zeng Jing, Robert C. Finkel, Frederick J. Ryerson, Haibing Li, and Xiaohan Liu. "Constraints on the late Quaternary glaciations in Tibet from cosmogenic exposure ages of moraine surfaces." Quaternary Science Reviews 30, no. 5-6 (2011): 528-554.