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8 years of seismicity at the summit of Lucky Strike volcano, Mid-Atlantic Ridge


IPGP - Îlot Cuvier


Séminaires Géosciences Marines

Salle 310

Wayne Crawford


A 5-station, 8 km aperture seafloor seismological network operates on Lucky Strike volcano (EMSO- Azores observatory) since 2007, using yearly rotations of ocean bottom seismometers. The first two years of data revealed that most of the volcanic seismicity was generated by cooling at the interface between hydrothermal circulation cells and hot rock above the axial magma chamber (Crawford et al., 2014, BSSA). I will present the full 8-year seismicity catalog, in which seismicity continues to be centered in the hydrothermal circulation cells, with some bursts of activity at the upwelling ends of the cells (beneath the volcano summit hydrothermal fields. I will also discuss the challenges and solutions of using ocean bottom seismometers, including clock drift, noise, sensor orientation and the effect of the digital filter on arrival time picking.