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Drones en géosciences


IPGP - Îlot Cuvier


Séminaires Tectonique et Mécanique de la Lithosphère

Salle 310

Allan Derrien


Before 2013, one had to spend months building, programming and learning to fly any remotely controlled aerial device, usually at an expensive cost. Crashes were as common as successful flights except for a few big investments. Lately though, reliable, stable and strong drones have become widely available for a reasonable price. As the media have broadcasted these past few months, for the worst as well as the best. This seminar aims to put forward which geosciences teams have succesfully integrated drone technology in their work, what benefit they took from it, and why it is going to be a formidable tool for research work inves- tigating the Earth system. I will explain briefly the basis of the drone technology. Most of the talk will include a summary of recent drone-based research work from worldwide teams (most of it in 2014) in regard to my own experience at Earth Observatory of Singapore (including field work in Thailand, Indonesia and Tibet), how this technology is used alone and in coordination with spatial imagery and ground techniques for optimized results and how it chang- es the way we look at the Earth. Since drones are becoming a worldwide phenomenon, I will speak about law and regulations in France and abroad. If the weather is good enough, I will conclude on a small demonstration flight from the IPGP rooftop.