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Dynamics of Planetary Rings and Formation of Satellites


Campus Paris-Rive-Gauche


Séminaires Planétologie et Sciences Spatiales

Salle 727 - Lamarck A -

Ryuki Hyodo


In the solar system, most of the planets have satellite systems around them. In systems with a single satellite such as Earth-Moon system, satellite mass is relatively high compared to the host planet’s mass. On the other hand, giant planets such as Jupiter, Saturn have multiple-satellite systems. Generally, their inner major satellites called regular satellites exist outside their Roche limit with relatively small mass ratio to the host planet. Those inner satellites are on nearly circular prograde orbits with low inclination. The formation of rings (particle disks) around planets are the natural consequence of the planetary formation via, for example, giant impacts or tidal disruptions. I talk about the dynamical evolution of the rings initially confined within planet's Roche limit by using direct N-body simulations, and discuss what kind of satellite systems could be formed as the ring evolution (Hyodo et al. 2015, ApJ 799, 40, Hyodo & Ohtsuki 2015, Nature Geoscience, 8, 686).