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GeoLatinas: an association for diversity, equality and inclusion in the Earth Sciences


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Séminaires Égalité, diversité et inclusion

Visio Zoom

Sofía Barragán-Montilla et Carolina Morales Fernández

MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen

Dear all, We hope you are doing well. Please mark your calendars now and save the date for our fifth webinar within the “Equality, diversity, and inclusion” initiative, set for 14 h May 30 via Zoom. The webinar is entitled: "GeoLatinas: an association for diversity, equality and inclusion in the Earth Sciences" by Sofía Barragán-Montilla (MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen) and Carolina Morales Fernández. Below we provide the Zoom link, summary of the talk, and a short biography of our invited speakers. We hope you will join us. Kind regards, Andreina and Milena ***** French version ***** Cher.e.s tou.te.s, Nous espérons que vous allez bien. Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à notre cinquième webinaire dans le cadre de l'initiative "Égalité, diversité et inclusion" via Zoom, prévu à 14 h le 30 mai via Zoom. Le séminaire sera donné en anglais. Le webinaire est intitulé : "GeoLatinas : une association pour la diversité, l'égalité et l'inclusion dans les sciences de la Terre" par Sofía Barragán-Montilla (MARUM – Centre des sciences de l'environnement marin, Université de Brême) et Carolina Morales Fernández. Vous trouverez ci-dessous, le lien Zoom, un résumé du séminaire et une courte biographie de nos conférenciers invités. Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer. Andreina et Milena ************************************ I) Zoom Link: Topic: EDI IPGP Webinar – Time: May 30, 2022 2:00 PM Paris Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 979 8617 0632 Passcode: Qva4H3 II) Summary of the talk Founded in 2018 by Venezuelan geophysicist Clara Rodríguez, Mexican geophysicist Adriana Crisostomo-Figueroa and Peruvian paleoceanographer Rocío Caballero-Gill, GeoLatinas is a non-profit, member-driven organization that encompasses a global community of Latin American women scientists and our allies around the world. Their mission is to embrace, empower and inspire Latin women to pursue and thrive in careers in Earth and Planetary Sciences. GeoLatinas has been active for more than 3 years and keeps growing every day. As for today, GeoLatinas hosts more than 600 leaders all over the globe, in different stages of their careers and with the purpose of donating their time and efforts towards constructing a diverse, equitative and inclusive space in STEM areas. III) Short biography of the speakers Sofía Barragán Montilla: Sofía is a Colombian geologist from the National University of Colombia with an MSc. in Applied Geology. She has been working as a micropaleontologist in industry and academia for 6 years, and currently, she is a PhD. candidate and researcher at the MARUM Institute at the University of Bremen. Sofía is an advocate of EDI in STEM areas and has been an active member of GeoLatinas for more than 2 years. Carolina Morales Fernandez: Carolina is a Colombian geologist from Caldas University and a GIS specialist from the Antonio Nariño University. She has experience in geochronology and sedimentology and has been working in this field for more than one year. She is passionate about mentoring and donates her time to share her experience as a scientist with the younger generations in Colombia. In GeoLatinas, Carolina has contributed significatively to the Geolatinas mentoring initiative and leads the GeoLatinas local team of Manizales (Colombia).