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Séminaires de l'École Doctorale

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CONGRESDOC3 - 09:30 - 11:30 Oral session (Salle Bleue) 09:30 Gülsen Ucarkus The eastern marmara pull-apart junction (north anatolian fault) and its relation to the submarine end of the 1999 izmit earthquake rupture 09:45 Marie Luce Chevalier Timing of glaciations in south and west tibet determined by cosmogenic 10be dating 10:00 Erika Di Giuseppe Why does a trench advance or retreat? insights from numerical and laboratory experiments 10:15 Laura Amicucci The tectonic evolution of the vallo di diano quaternary basin (southern apennines, italy): an integrated geological and geophysical study 10:30 Pierre Bettinelli Plate motion of india and interseismic strain in the nepal himalaya from gps and doris measurements 10:45 Cédric Mabille Sedimentology and magnetic susceptibility of the upper eifelian - lower givetian transition in southwestern belgium: insights into carbonate platform childhood 11:00 Béatrice Puysségur Tropospheric phase delay in insar estimated from meteorological model and multispectral imagery - 11:30 - 12:30 Poster session (Pyramide) Arnaud Mignan The stress accumulation model - origin of accelerating seismicity before large earthquakes Sophie Androvandi Characteristics of instabilities in the convecting mantle Gaye Bayrakci Seismic tomography study of marmara sea's upper crustal structure Nicolas Bergeot Interseismic and coseismic deformation in a locked subduction zone context Maryline Le Béon Geodetic versus geologic slip rate along the dead sea fault Estelle Roux Refraction and reflection seismic reconnaissance of the lesser antilles subduction zone (guadeloupe and martinique islands) ------------------------------------------------ Séminaire de l'Ecole Doctorale ------------------------------------------------