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********************************************************************************** Mercredi 7 janvier. A la Maison de la Mutualité- SALLE ODEON- 24 Rue Saint Victor 75005 PARIS ********************************************************************************** 09h30-10h00- Anne Mangeney and Pascal Favreau: "Seismic signal and dynamics of landslides" 10h00-10h30 -Doug Dreger: "finite-source scaling of microearthquakes at Parkfield, CA" 10h30-11h00 - Pascal Bernard: "seismic and aseismic slip on normal faults of the Corint Rift" ---------------------------------- 11h -11h30 break ---------------------------------- 11h30-12h00 -Kevin Mayeda: "Variations in Apparent Stress Drop Scaling and Implications on Rupture Dynamics" 12h00-12h30 -Mireille Laigle, Alfred Hirn and Anne Becel: "Searching for tremor in seismic noise on the 84 OBS (Ocean Bottom Seismometers) and 40 Land Seismometers, 3 months deployment in the Lesser Antilles subduction" ==================================== 12h30-14h lunch ==================================== 14h00-14h30 -Nicolas Houlie: "Can we do seismology with GPS?" 14h30-15h00 -Pascal Audet: "Subduction zone forearc structure and its relation with episodic tremor and slip" ------------------------------- 15h00-15h30 break ------------------------------- 15h30-16h00 -Aurelie Guilhem: "Influence of moderate regional earthquakes on the nonvolcanic tremor activity in the Parkfield-Cholame region" 16h00-16h30 -Anne Socquet "Accommodation of convergence in North Chile seismic gap: questions raised by 2007 Mw 7.7 Tocopilla earthquake" ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 16h30-17h30 discussions/posters ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++