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Understanding the academic success of non-traditional university students


IPGP - Îlot Cuvier


Séminaires Égalité, diversité et inclusion

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Dr. Tiffany Chiu & Dr. Billy Wong

Imperial College London & University of Reading

Non-traditional students are, e.g., students from low-income households, students from minority ethnic/racial backgrounds, first-generation students (neither of the parents have a college degree), mature students (age 21 years or older on university entry), students with a declared disability. Statistics show that non-traditional university students are less likely than their traditional counterparts to achieve higher degree classifications, even with the same entry grades. Similar patterns have been reported in the UK (Wang and Chiu 2019), Australia (Gale and Tranter 2011), Germany (Brändle and Lengfeld 2017), the US (Braxton 2000). What are the struggles and challenges of non-traditional students in higher education? What do these students generally experience before, during and after their degrees? Several studies have illustrated the barriers and difficulties of non-traditional students. Fewer studies, by comparison, have explored their academic success at university. With richer insights into their educational trajectories, including the problems encountered but also the solutions devised, we offer evidence-informed suggestions for practice and policy that can potentially improve the academic outcomes of non-traditional students. We invite the audience to experience this pedagogical approach and to reflect and consider how this approach might be beneficial and applicable to their own learning and teaching contexts. Participer à la réunion Zoom ID de réunion : 972 3665 4356 Mot de passe : 106336