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Josipa Majstorović

Josipa Majstorović
Informations principales
Planétologie et sciences spatiales
IPGP - 35 rue Hélène Brion - 75013 Paris, France

Contenu / Travaux

My research topics include: 
  • Developing machine learning model for the deep moonquake source regions detection using single station approach;
  • Developing and interpreting deep neural network models for earthquake detection and characterisation using single-station waveforms; 
  • Theoretical and experimental detection of gravitational waves using planetary bodies (Earth, Moon);
  • Detecting and measuring Earth’s normal modes eigenfrequencies, Q-factors and structure coefficients from the gravimetric and the seismic time series;
  • Measuring the intrinsic and the scattering attenuation from the seismic data;
Currently involve with Farside Seismic Suit mission. You can find me on ResearchGate and Google Scholar.