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Josipa Majstorović

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My research topics include: 
  • Developing machine learning model for the deep moonquake source regions detection using single station approach;
  • Developing and interpreting deep neural network models for earthquake detection and characterisation using single-station waveforms; 
  • Theoretical and experimental detection of gravitational waves using planetary bodies (Earth, Moon);
  • Detecting and measuring Earth’s normal modes eigenfrequencies, Q-factors and structure coefficients from the gravimetric and the seismic time series;
  • Measuring the intrinsic and the scattering attenuation from the seismic data;
Currently involve with Farside Seismic Suit mission. You can find me on ResearchGate and Google Scholar. 


Farside Seismic Suite

Farside Seismic Suite

The FarSide Seismic Suite mission, under the responsibility of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (PI, M. Panning), will deploy an autonomous seismic stati...