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Ecological feedbacks at planetary scale – applications to paleoplanetology and astrobiology


IPGP - Îlot Cuvier


Séminaires thème Origines

Salle 310

Boris Sauterey

ICM Barcelona

The characteristics of habitats determine the viability and activity of biological populations living within them. In turn, the biological activity of those populations influences the physical and chemical properties of their environment. Here, I will present how models of planetary ecosystems coupling dynamically the activity of a biosphere based on chemolithotrophy to the geology of its planetary habitat can be used to investigate the importance of this ecological feedback loop at planetary scale. I will more specifically focus on the cases of the early Archean Earth and of Noachian Mars, showing how the respective primitive biospheres of those two worlds (hypothetical in the case of Mars) could have influenced the early evolution of their surface conditions and habitability. I will use those two examples to illustrate how ecological modelling can be used to address fundamental questions in planetary sciences and astrobiology. Participer à la réunion Zoom ID de réunion : 923 4836 9030 Code secret : qTp2Yi

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