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Séminaires de l'École Doctorale

Salle Bleue


CONGRESDOC2 - 14:00 - 16:00 Oral session (salle bleue) 14:00 Alexandra Gourlan Link between climate and himalayan continental discharge for the last 3 ma 14:15 Anne Lise Chenet Paleomagnetic constraints on duration of deccan trap emplacement in an attempt to estimate their environmental impact. 14:30 Giampiero Iaffaldano Feedback between mountain belt growth and plate convergence 14:45 Laurent Carporzen Paleomagnetic constraints on the age and thermal history of the rochechouart meteorite impact crater 15:00 Erwan Le Guerroué Sedimentology and chemostratigraphy of the ediacaran shuram formation, nafun group, oman 15:15 Hélène Rouby Superswells, plumes, subductions and true polar wander 15:30 Sara Satolli Apparent polar wander and true polar wander from northern apennines paleomagnetic data (italy) - 16:00 - 17:00 Poster session (Pyramide) Loic Fourel Continents stability Charles Poitou Preliminary magnetic studies of the pilbara archean drill core (western australia) Marie Petronille Contribution to the characterization of soil occupation types using magnetic properties Bruno Goutorbe Study of the thermal regime of continental margins applications of neural networks to the prediction of thermal conductivity Yong Ren Understanding seismic heterogeneities in the lower mantle beneath the americas from seismic tomography and plate tectonic history Sylvain Bernard Multiple length scales characterization of morphologically perfectly preserved triassic lycophytes spores after hp-lt metamorphism ------------------------------------------------ Séminaire de l'Ecole Doctorale ------------------------------------------------