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GPX, LITHOS and MINES ParisTech Celebration


IPGP - Îlot Cuvier


Journées Scientifiques


Invited speakers

industry and academia

Program: 09:00 Coffee 09:20 Marc Chaussidon: Welcome 09:25 Satish Singh (IPGP): Introduction: A journey From LITHOS to GPX 09:50 Phil Christie (Schlumberger, Cambridge): Poking Beneath Basalt - Cruises, Collaborations and Kindred Spirits 10:15 Gabriel Huot (GPX/IPGP): Identification of gas in Sumatra forearc from full waveform inversion 10:35 Coffee 11:00 Lucy MacGregor (Rock Solid Images): Electromagnetics in a seismic world 11:25 Shihao Yuan (GPX/IPGP): Localised time-lapse elastic full waveform inversion 11:40 Gillian Royle (CGG): Challenges in high-resolution waveform inversion of land data 12:05 Yubing Li (GPX/MINES ParisTech): Advances in migration velocity analysis 12:30 Lunch 14:00 Robert Soubaras (CGG): The relationship with velocity and reflectivity 14:25 James Hobro (Schlumberger, Cambridge): Seismic modelling from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance 14:50 Bill Symes (Rice University): Waveform inversion and traveltime tomography 15:15 Pierre Romanet (GPX/IPGP): Fault networks explain slow and fast earthquake scaling laws 15:30 Tea 15:50 Adrien Arnulf (Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas): The Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand 16:10 Reda Baina (OPERA, Pau): Asymptotic analysis at the bedside of band-limited seismic imaging 16:30 Bertrand Duquet (TOTAL): Imaging Challenges in Exploration Geophysics 16:50 Hervé Chauris (MINES ParisTech): From GPX to Seis2Meca