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IFZ-IPGP Collaboration – Main recent results and perspectives


IPGP - Campus Jussieu


Séminaires exceptionnels

Salle Bleue


Morning Session - 9h30 - "Main research lines of Schmidt institute of physics of the Earth", A. Gliko - "IPGP-IPGM collaboration (overview)", M. Diament Some results of ongoing projects: - "Lower Phanerozoic and Proterozoic geomagnetic reversal behaviour: new insights from siberian magnetostatigraphy", V. Pavlov, Y. Gallet - "What satellite gravity brings us to the understanding of large earthquakes", O. de Viron, V. Mikhailov, M. Diament, G.King, I. Panet - "Tensor deconvolution: a method to locate equivalent sources from full tensor gravity data", V. Mikhailov, G. Pajot, M. Diament - "Seismic constraint on the mantle discontinuities", L. Vinnik, V. Farra, E. Stutzman - "On seismology of the Moon and Mars", T. Gudkova, P. Lognonné Afternoon session - 14h30 Artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic approaches: - "Pattern recognition of electromagnetic phenomena associated with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes", J. Zlotnicki, A. Gvishiani, J.-L. Le Mouël, S. Agayan, P. Yvetot, S. Bogoudinov - "Clustering for potential fields sources identification", A. Galdeano, A. Gvishiani, V. Mikhailov, M. Diament - "SPARS: Application for wavefors recognition for multiplets analysis", M.-P. Bouin, P. Bernard, A. Gvishiani - ""INTERMAGNET Magnetic observatories in Borok (Russie) and Dymer (Ukraine)", J.-L. Le Mouël Possible new lines of collaboration: - "Crack sealing due to silica precipitation in hydrothermal environment", A. Gliko - "Physics of seismic process: laboratory modeling and field verification", A. Ponomarev - "Moon seismology: from 3D lateral variations of the crust to the core", P. Lognonné Conclusion Remarks: V. Courtillot and A. Gliko