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Le GIS Géosciences franciliennes


IPGP - Îlot Cuvier


Séminaire de sismologie, de géosciences marines et de géophysique d'exploration

Salle 310

Florence Delprat-Jannaud


Ten research organisation from Ile-de-France have launched in December 2015 a network, the GIS Géosciences franciliennes, to pool research efforts on issues related to natural resources and environment. More precisely, the GIS Géosciences franciliennes aims to become a network of international research in quantitative geosciences. Drawing on the cultural and thematic wealth and diversity of its laboratories, the GIS Géosciences franciliennes ambition to be an active network in Ile-de-France for – Research, providing the fundamental knowledge required to address as a whole of current issues within Earth sciences. It will follow - or even coordinate - research work in Ile-de-France designed to examine the solutions envisaged to meet the resource and energy demand, assess their impacts, and manage the risks associated with natural processes or due to human activity; – Training, contributing to research training of young people in geosciences through its close relationships with educational structures in Ile-de-France; – Knowledge dissemination, promoting knowledge dissemination through publications, seminars, open or restricted conferences. Four thematic axis have been identified to date for the research activities: – Low permeability media – Faults, fractures, fluids – Thermomechanics for sedimentary basins – Fluid rock interactions in sedimentary basins Additional information is available at