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Séminaires de l'École Doctorale

Salle Bleue


CONGRESDOC6 - 15:00 - 16:30 Oral session (Salle Bleue) 15:00 Iryna Malinouskaya Wave propagation in heterogeneous materials: homogenization procedure 15:15 Stéphane Lafortune Noble gas, n2 and o2 isotopes for surveying injected co2 migrations inside geological storage reservoirs, and for predicting leakage 15:30 Simon Contraires Hydraulic effects of a co2 injection into an underground reservoir. development of surface geophysical methods allowing to follow these effects. 15:45 Fabien Dufaud An experimental study on mineral storage of $co_2$ in basic and ultrabasic rocks 16:00 Karine Rivé Carbon transfers in tropical stream water in a volcanic context: examples of a hot spot island (reunion island) and two subduction arc islands (guadeloupe and martinique, french lesser antilles) - 16:30 - 17:30 Poster session (Pyramide) Nelly Assayag Isotopic and chemical characteristics to monitor CO2 reactivity following an injection Fernand Lopes complex dielectric permittivity inversion of geophysical radar data (ground penetrating radar) Aurélie Feld Electrokinetic study in porous media Stéphanie Vialle Reactive transport in porous and fractured rocks : evolution of the geochemical and geophysical parameters due to precipitation and dissolution. Gupta Alok Kumar Surface Conduction in porous medium Youcun Liu Transport dynamics and morphology of a high mountain stream: Urumqi River (Chinese Tianshan) ------------------------------------------------ Séminaire de l'Ecole Doctorale ------------------------------------------------