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CONGRESDOC4 - 14:00 - 16:15 Oral session (Salle Bleue) 14:00 Alassane Thiam Molybdenum size and isotopic fractionations in lake pavin : links to biogeochemical cycles of c, fe, mn, s and n? 14:15 Sylvain Cacaly Zinc isotopes in soils sciences : preliminary results. 14:30 Laura Marang Radionuclides speciation in contact with natural organic matter 14:45 Jiubin Chen Metal contamination of the seine river: metal partition and measurement of zinc and copper isotopic compositions 15:00 Christelle Hyacinthe Reactive ferric iron in intertidal sediments: chemical versus microbial extractions. 15:15 Kevin Lepot In-situ structural and chemical characterisation of biogenic organic matter in 2.72 ga stromatolites, tumbiana formation, western australia 15:30 Pierre Lancien An experimental study on submarine channels 15:45 Stefano Pucci Slip rate of the düzce segment of the north anatolian fault zone from offsets of geomorphic markers - 16:15 - 17:15 Poster session (Pyramide) Julien Bouchez Development of direct injection nebulization (din) on multi-collector icp-ms for boron isotopes analysis Sébastien Dupraz Subsurface microorganisms contributions to the processes of geological sequestration of CO2 Amandine Cozic Production and role of volatile reduced sulfur ligands (vrsl) on metal speciation Delphine Jouvin Isotopic fractionation of zinc and copper during geochemical processes in soils Valerie Siron Toxicological impact of zno nanoparticles on escherichia coli bacteria Dik Fandeur Study of the influence of mining activities on the (bio)geochemical cycle of chromium in the new caledonian environment Christophe Thomazo Organic $delta^{13}$c negative excursion at 2.7 ga, the record of a pristine drill core in the tumbiana formation (australia) Adrien Bon Numerical modelling of the socompa avalanche using a model taking into account the complex 3d topography effects Guilherme Bueno Podzolisation of laterites on the upper amazon basin : spatial distribution of the soil compartiments (at local and regional scale) and preliminary results on the soil chemistry and mineralogy ------------------------------------------------ Séminaire de l'Ecole Doctorale ------------------------------------------------