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Short update of the seismological instrument efforts in North of Chile and associated data management


IPGP - Îlot Cuvier


Séminaires de Sismologie

Salle 310

El-Madani Aissaoui


The Integrated Plate Boundary Network covers a large part of northern Chile from Arica to Antofagasta. It comprises the CNRS/GFZ permanent multi-sensor stations and is dedicated mainly to the study of the local seismicity and is also used by the Chile National Seimological Center to monitor the area and to provide tsunami early warnings. This seminar will be focused on the instrumental and field aspects. I will present our field work made last year, especialy the deployment of the temporary seismic stations in this region after the Mw 8.9 Pisagua Earthquake of April 2d, 2014. Subsequently i will describe the IPOC data flow and i will make an overview on the softwares used for monitoring the state of health and managing the data quality of the IPOC permanent stations.