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Nicolas De pinho dias

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Hallo ! Here is my ORCID : 0009-0003-7544-4685 I am a young French researcher with a Master in Fluid Mechanics. I currently work on numerical simulations of large (km^3 scale) iceberg capsize into the ocean. Such large events trigger magnitude 4 to 5 glacial earthquakes recorded by seismic stations at teleseismic distances. Within this seismic signal is entangle the information about the source i.e. the calving iceberg, its mass and its size. By building a base of simulations and inversion of the seismic signal, we would be able to give an estimation of iceberg sizes just by looking at the seismic signal. Such estimation technique, combined with iceberg calving detection (see Selina Wetter's PhD) would give a long term estimation of Greenland mass loss due to iceberg calving and its contribution to sea level rise.   Tracy Glacier, Greenland   Snapshot of iceberg capsize simulation with velocity field. Vectors give the direction and colors give the magnitude.


Fraigneau Yann, de Pinho Dias Nicolas, Weisman Catherine, Baltean-Carlès Diana. Numerical simulation of thermoacoustic heat pumping inside a compact cavity. 11 April 2022.