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Understanding and predicting the functioning and evolution of the Earth system in its environment, predicting and preventing natural and environmental risks in the short, medium and long term constitute an issue and a mission of the IPGP.

To answer this, it is necessary to be able to combine:

  • physical and environmental observations over long time scales from ground and space measurement technologies,
  • the development of tools for processing and analyzing large volumes of observations,
  • the development of numerical models allowing the quantitative and predictive simulation of the dynamics of geological systems on the time and space scales involved,
  • the development of efficient data inversion and assimilation methods to control these dynamic models and to image the interior of the Earth.

The Parallel Computing and Data Processing Service in the Earth Sciences (S-CAPAD) provides suitable infrastructures combining:

  • significant storage resources, prioritized and integrated with computing resources suitable for numerical simulation and data analysis (observations and summaries),
  • high-performance parallel computing resources adapted to the needs of digital simulation, data processing (observations and synthetics), and integrating rapid access to storage resources.

These infrastructures are strongly integrated with the national data and distribution centers, and with the infrastructures of the large national computing centers (GENCI).

Since summer 2021, S-CAPAD has hosted the DANTE platform.

S-CAPAD news

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October 7, 2021 Inauguration of the DANTE platform
September 22, 2021 Final shutdown of the Dell cluster
July 19, 2021 Opening the Lenovo cluster of the DANTE IPGP platform
May 2021 Start of the Dell cluster dismantling
April 2021 Start of the Lenovo cluster installation for the DANTE platform