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Industrial partners

The research topics developed through industrial partnerships cover a wide spectrum of the IPGP’s scientific expertise ranging from geophysics and geochemistry to environmental and materials sciences. These projects are an effective way to train young students for academic or industrial careers.

Partnership contracts are regularly signed with industrial groups, ranging from international or CAC 40 companies (Shell, Corning, TotalEnergies, Petrobras, Baccarat, Lafarge Holcim, Areva, Saint-Gobain, Axa, EDF, Orange…), to small innovative companies (Nanobactérie, Coronis, iXBlue…).

Partnership with Corning (producer of the famous "Gorilla Glass"), for the funding of a PhD on the interactions of multivalent elements in fused borosilicate and aluminosilicate glasses, using in situ characterisation methods developed for the study of volcanic lavas.