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Governance and organization

Governance and organization

The IPGP’s management team includes its director (Marc Chaussidon), the general director of services (Antoine Charlot), the deputy director for research and space activities (Gauthier Hulot), the deputy director for observatories (Anne Le Friant), the deputy director for teaching (Marianne Greff), the deputy director for industrial and international relations (Marc Benedetti) and the deputy director in charge of intrumentation (Arnaud Lemarchand).

The Institute’s steering system relies in particular on three bodies: a board of directors which is responsible for the general policy and strategy of the institution and votes the budget, a scientific council, which directs the research policy and a pedagogical council, which directs the teaching policy. Three other bodies exist: the technical committee, the joint committee of establishment and the safety and health council.

For the composition of the bodies, please read the French version of this page.

From left to right: Anne Le Friant, Marc Chaussidon, Marc Benedetti, Gauthier Hulot, Antoine Charlot, Arnaud Lemarchand and Marianne Greff