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Drones Unit

Drones Unit

For several years now, the use of drones for scientific research has been growing steadily, whether for speci- fic observations or surveillance activities. This new tech- nology thus opens up new perspectives, with regard to traditional field observations, for conducting research in many disciplines and in particular in several fields of study developed at the IPGP. In addition, these drones are a real tool for a future innovative and modern scientific communication.

The Drones Unit organises and pools these activities. Several drone pilots were trained and declared in mainland France and in each of the overseas observatories, to carry out drone missions as part of various scientific projects.

The first tests of on-board scientific equipment proved promising with successful trials of photogrammetry applications with decimetric GPS position, thermal and optical cameras and 5-band multispectral capture.

Membre de l'IPGP pilotant un drone