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Professional equality plan between women and men

In the framework of the law on the transformation of the civil service of 6 August 2019, public establishments and organisations are obliged to adopt a multi-year action plan to promote professional equality between women and men. This plan must make it possible to:

  • reduce the pay gap between women and men,
  • guarantee equal access for women and men to civil service bodies, job frames, grades and jobs,
  • promote the reconciliation of personal and professional life,
  • fight against sexist and sexual violence, harassment and discrimination.

Since 2021, the Professional Equality Plan has also become an eligibility criterion for research teams responding to European calls for projects under Horizon Europe.

The Professional Equality Plan of the IPGP for the period 2021-2023 has been elaborated in a collegial way and has been voted by the technical committee on 13 July 2021.

Equality Mission

Through its Equality Mission, relayed within UPCité, the IPGP commits itself to promote the themes related to equalities among its entire community (staff and students) and to fight against all forms of violence, harassment and discrimination, in particular those related to gender, disability, racism, anti-Semitism and LGBTphobia.

The mission’s objectives are to raise awareness and provide training on equality and diversity to all staff and students, and to offer a system for collecting reports from people who feel they have been the victims of, or who have witnessed, deliberate attacks on their physical integrity or an act of violence, discrimination, moral or sexual harassment, sexist behaviour, threats or any other act of intimidation, and to direct them to the competent authorities for assistance, support and protection of victims and for the treatment of the facts reported (in application of article L135-6 of the new civil service code).

Further information

The Cité du genre is an interdisciplinary research and education institute in gender studies that develops an ambitious research programme and relies on the teaching provided within Université Paris Cité and the ASPC’s partner institutions.

The Pharos platform makes it possible to report illegal content and behaviour on the Internet and social networks (racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia, incitement to racial, ethnic and religious hatred, etc.).
The equality referents remain your privileged contacts in case of behaviour or comments, including on social networks and the Internet, targeting one or several people in particular.