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Shared Virtualisation Service (SMV)

Shared Virtualisation Service (SMV)

The shared virtualisation service of the IPGP offers a complete hosting solution for IT services including the following services:

  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Deployment and maintenance
  • Backup

The users are many and varied: research teams, observatories, administrative services, shared services, research infrastructures… The SMV takes care of the management and operation of hardware resources as well as the integration of the requested networks.

Complementing DANTE hosted by S-CAPAD, the SMV offers a hosting solution for less intensive computations and computing services such as websites or database systems.

It is funded as a service by its users and by the IPGP.


The shared virtualization service of the IPGP is operated by three engineers:

  • Head: Michel Le Cocq
  • David Weissenbach
  • Olivier Sirol

Technical specifications

The SMV hosts its resources in the computer rooms of the IPGP. It offers its users a solution adapted to their needs via a Proxmox virtualization architecture.


January 2023: the SMV is currently in the process of setting up a project to outsource part of its infrastructure to a data centre outside the IPGP. Some of the services hosted in the SMV require an H24 availability, they can be redundant or ready to be launched on a site outside the IPGP.