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Maël Es-sayeh

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My research focuses on analyzing the 13 years of Cassini/VIMS hyper-spectral observations of Titan in the near-IR to globally map the surface reflectivity. For this, I developed a radiative transfer model to correct for gaseous absorption and aerosol scattering to retrieve the surface albedo. My research covers both observational and theoretical aspects. I have gained experience in reducing and analyzing observational data (Cassini/VIMS, Huygens/DISR, Very Large Telescope, and JWST/NIRSpec and NIRCam), and developing radiative transfer models to interpret these observations.


Es-sayeh Maël, Rodriguez S, Ntinos C, Maltagliati L, Cornet T, Rannou P, Coutelier Maélie, Vincendon M, Le Mouélic S, Sotin C. Radiative Transfer Modeling in Titan's Atmosphere and Surface: Application to Cassini/VIMS Data Analysis at Regional to Global Scale. March 2024.

Es-Sayeh M, Rodriguez S, Coutelier Maélie, Rannou Pascal, Bézard B, Maltagliati L, Cornet T, Grieger B, Karkoschka E, Le Mouélic S, Le Gall Alice, Neish C, Mackenzie S, Solomonidou A, Sotin C, Coustenis A. Updated Radiative Transfer Model for Titan in the Near-infrared Wavelength Range: Validation against Huygens Atmospheric and Surface Measurements and Application to the Cassini/VIMS Observations of the Dragonfly Landing Area. The Planetary Science Journal, IOP Science, 14 March 2023, 4. <10.3847/psj/acbd37>

Blake James S. D., Fletcher L. N., Orton G. S., Antuñano A., Roman M. T., Kasaba Y., Fujiyoshi T., Melin H., Bardet D., Sinclair J. A., Es-Sayeh M.. Saturn's seasonal variability from four decades of ground-based mid-infrared observations. Icarus, 2023, 392. <10.1016/j.icarus.2022.115347>

Es-Sayeh M, Rodriguez S, Coutelier Maélie, Rannou Pascal, Bézard B, Maltagliati L, Cornet Thomas, Grieger B, Karkoschka Erich, Seignovert Benoît, Le Mouélic S, Sotin C, Coustenis A. Updated radiative transfer model for Titan in the near-infrared wavelength range: Validation on Huygens atmospheric and surface measurements and application to the analysis of the VIMS/Cassini observations of the Dragonfly landing area. September 2022.


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