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Jabrane Labidi

Jabrane Labidi
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Stable Isotope Geochemistry
IPGP - Bureau 516 - 1, rue Jussieu - 75238 Paris cedex 05

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I am a high-temperature isotope geochemist. I am particularily interested in the origin of sulfur, nitrogen, carbon, and other volatiles on Earth. In order to provide new constraints on the way Earth was formed, I study a vast range of objects, from terrestrial lavas erupted in various settings; to hydrothermal vents at sea or on land. The data i obtain are high-precision isotopic compositions. These can leverage information on the origin of volatile phases in gas mixtures or melts. I also study the composition of meteorites for sulfur, selenium, and nitrogen. There again, the high-precision isotopic data i obtain can help constraining the origin of volatiles in the planetary disc and ultimately on Earth.     I am involved with the Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity group at the EAG. We are an energized group of early-ish career scientists, organizing to challenge racism, sexism, homophobia and any kind of discrimination in our field of research. Check out our page here.


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