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Sreejaya Kizhakke Pakkathillam

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As a postdoctoral fellow working on FSS/SEIS project at the PSS team, my research primarily centers on two key areas: numerical simulation of ground motion and modeling of thermoelastic noise. The FSS project aims to investigate seismic activity on the far side of the Moon. Given the scarcity of moonquake data, the most realistic alternative is to create synthetic seismograms using numerical techniques. Our computational modeling of the Moon is conducted within the spectral element framework. To replicate ground motions accurately, I employ the coupling of SPECFEM3D and AxiSEM, enabling us to model a broad frequency range and wide and extensive domain. My past research includes:
  1. Seismic hazard assessment (leading contribution in PSHA-based NSHM of India)
  2. 2D and 3D numerical seismic wave propagation (SEM)
  3. Sedimentary basin modeling and surface waves (3D medium model for IG basin, Kutch and Kathmandu basins)
  4. Ground motion prediction and big data handling (development of regional GMPEs, high-performance computing, and machine learning based slip prediction)
  5. Ground motion simulations (deterministic, stochastic and ANN-based).


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