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PostDoctoral researcher in ionospheric physics and ionospheric seismology

Main information

Reference: 2023-1361379 Category: A

Type of contract: Fixed-term contract, Post-doctoral research contract

Publication date: 24/04/2024

Contract duration: 24 month

Deadline for applications: 31/05/2024

Remuneration Selon le profil

Expected starting date: 01/07/2024

IPGP, 1 rue Jussieu, 75005 Paris

The institut de physique du globe de Paris

A world-renowned geosciences organisation, the IPGP is associated with the CNRS and an integrated institute of the Université
Paris Cité. Bringing together more than 500 people, the IPGP studies the Earth and the planets from the core to the most
superficial fluid envelopes, through observation, experimentation and modelling.
The research aeras are structured through 4 main unifying themes: Interiors of the Earth and Planets, Natural Hazards, Earth
System and Origins.
The IPGP is in charge of labelled observation services in volcanology, seismology, magnetism, gravimetry and erosion. And the
IPGP’s permanent observatories monitor the four active French overseas volcanoes in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion Island
and Mayotte.
The IPGP hosts powerful computing resources and state-of-the-art experimental and analytical facilities and benefits from first-
class technical support. The IPGP provides its students with geosciences training that combine observation, quantitative
analysis and modelling, and that reflects the quality, richness and thematic diversity of the research conducted by the IPGP
Team Department
Department of Planetary and Space Sciences (


The Department of Space and Planetary Geophysics of the Institute of physics of the Earth in Paris (IPGP,
invites applications for a Post-Doctoral position in the field of seismo-ionospheric coupling and propagation of acoustic-gravity
waves in the atmosphere/ionosphere.
The main topic of the post-doctoral work will be a detailed study of the ionospheric response to earthquakes and tsunamis, their
detection in the ionospheric GNSS data, and simulation of their propagation.

Expected Skills

– PhD in physics of the ionosphere or geophysics, or related field
– Good knowledge of the physics of the ionosphere, coupling between solid Earth and atmosphere/ionosphere, experience
with GNSS data, experience in numerical modeling. Knowledge of Artificial Interlligence is a big plus.
– Capacity to work in a team and independently
– Good knowledge of English, both oral and written
Training and experience required
> Education level or diploma : PhD

How to apply

> CV, cover letter, at least 1 recommendation letter
> Deadlines for applications : 05/03/2024
> Contacts (2 contacts are required for the interview): E. Astafyeva (), E.A. Kherani ()