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  3D Synthetic Seismogram Package


3D Synthetic Seismogram Package is a set of libraries and programs for the computation of normal modes and seismograms for a wide variety of 3D Earth models. This code is based on the higher order perturbation theory in seismology developed by Philippe Lognonné, and requires only a few parameter settings.


The codes runs successfully on several operating systems. Disk space of at least 1 GB and 600 MB of memory are recommended for practical use. The source code is contained in gzip/tar format (17 MB) with an included README file, documentation in postscript and PDF formats, installation scripts, input file examples, and working directories with input files for the 1D PREM and the 3D SAW12D models. The minos program that is provided in the distribution was written by F. Gilbert, G. Masters and J. Woodhouse. The most recent update to this package was in 2001.


On a unix-based system, one can both uncompress and untar the file with the command:


gzip -d -c XXX.tgz | tar -xf -


Developped by Éric Clévédé and Philippe Lognonné.