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Research Departments

Cosmochemistry, Astrophysics and Experimental Geophysics


The CAGE team (Cosmochemistry, Astrophysics, and Experimental Geophysics) brings together researchers and teachers with common research foci aimed at the formation of the solar system and its early evolution, the formation of the Earth, its differentiation and its ancient geologic history. Our team uses interdisciplinary methods and complimentary skillsets to explore the origin of the solar system, Earth, and life. Our work includes astrophysical numerical modeling, studies of extraterrestrial matter, isotope geochemistry, mineralogy, high-temperature and/or high-pressure physicochemical modeling, along with other congruent fields.

The team members are very involved in IPGP’s development of experimental methods using piston-cylinder, multi-anvil, and laser-heated diamond anvil cell apparatus, aerodynamic levitation heating, controlled atmosphere observations (SEM, FEG FIB), and analytical development of IPGP’s mass spectrometers (MC-ICP-MS Neptune, Triton TIMS, Nobility & HelixSTT for rare gases and in situ coupling with laser ablation). Numerical simulations at IPGP are developed using two computing clusters that comprise our S-CAPAD system. Additionally, our team has open access to ionic probes through INSU’s national service and CRPG (Nancy), as well as various lines of synchrotron radiation (ESRF, APS, DESY). Along with a broad range of geochemical projects, our team members are actively involved in many other research topics and projects including chemical geodynamics of the Earth and major Archean geochemical cycles, the structure and physicochemical properties of minerals and rocks in the deep Earth, and the application of isotopic analysis in medicine.





Members of the Team

Manuel Moreira Professor Paris Diderot, Team leader

Irène Pesty, Admistration



James Badro, Research Director, CNRS

Sebastien Charnoz, Professor, Paris Diderot

Marc Chaussidon, Research Director, CNRS

Christa Gopel, Researcher, CNRS

Frederic Moynier, Professor, Paris Diderot

Julien Siebert, Associate Professor, Paris Diderot


Technical staff

Stephan Borenstajn (Engineer)

Julien Moureau (Engineer)

Nicolas Wehr (Engineer)

Jessica Dallas (Engineer)



Bérengère Mougel (sup. Moynier)

Paolo Sossi (sup. Moynier)

John Creech (sup. Moynier)


PhD Students

Chizu Kato (Moynier)

Erica Tavares (Moreira)

Brandon Mahan (Siebert/Moynier)

Sandrine Peron (Moreira)

Zhengbin Deng (Chaussidon/Moynier)

Elsa Amsellem (Chaussidon/Moynier)

Nicolas Badullovich (Moynier)

Dongyang Huang (Badro)


Visiting Faculty

Alberto Saal, Brown University

James Day, University of California San Diego

Francis Albarède, Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon


Past Visiting Faculty

Rick Ryerson (Lawrence Livermore National  Laboratory)

Alexander Goncharov (Carnegie Institution of Washington)

Katharina Lodders (Washington University)

Bruce Fegley (Washington University)

Toshiyuki Fujii (University of Osaka)

Craig Manning (UCLA)