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Ring moon morphology and libration measurements


Campus Paris-Rive-Gauche


Planetary science seminars

522, bât. Lamarck

Nicolas Rambaux

Observatoire de Paris (IMCEE)

The Cassini-Huygens space mission made a series of observations of Saturn’s small satellites during its grand finale stage. This talk will discuss the shape analysis of the small Saturnian satellites in order to describe their global figure and large-scale topography, as well as to deduce fundamental quantities, gravity field, and amplitude of the diurnal libration by assuming that the bodies are homogeneous. These predicted librations are then compared with recent measurements obtained by astrometry to discuss the internal structure of such bodies. Connection details Zoom Meeting ID: 876 7331 0489 Passcode: 856642

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Earth and Planetary Interiors
Earth and Planetary Interiors
Study of the structure and internal dynamics of planets and their evolution through geological time.
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Planetology and Space Sciences
Planetology and Space Sciences
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